Imaging Equipment

MULTI brings value to healthcare by building and maintaining direct OEM allegiant relationships. Our professional service model provides you with a dedicated team to support equipment sourcing, installation, applications training, and on-site service anywhere in the United States.

We ensure that you have access to the highest quality standards to benefit the entire stakeholder value chain - from the manufacturer to the patient.

We evaluate a broad range of imaging technologies, examining safety, effectiveness, cost, human factors, and other essential elements. All our recommendations are intensively reviewed by engineering and clinical professionals, both inside and outside the organization.

We Listen. Your needs drive our recommendations.

We Care. We strive to provide a concierge customer service experience with every interaction. As we understand your underlying goals and objectives, we’ll guide you toward the piece of equipment that will serve you in the most strategically significant way.


We are dedicated to sourcing best-in-class women’s health imaging solutions that prioritize comfort, generate sharper images, reduce radiation exposure, and efficiently find invasive cancers through the latest in breast imaging technology.

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Take advantage of the latest advancements in C-Arm technology to experience stunning image quality at ultra-low doses.

Experience absolute operability and flexibility across a broad range of diagnostic imaging and minimally invasive surgical procedures.

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Computed Tomography (CT)

We are committed to guiding our customers toward CT solutions designed to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy for fast decision making and a streamlined workflow. Enhance the radiology and oncology treatment planning process for both patient and provider, every step of the way with MULTI.

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The MRI suite is simultaneously one of the highest potential areas of benefit to the patient as well as a profit center to the hospital.

An optimally designed MRI suite is one that increases productivity and efficiency while delivering early detection image quality with high sensitivity and specificity. MULTI provides full-range innovative MRI solutions that enable you to serve your patients with exceptional consistency.

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Radiography (X-ray)

MULTI is partnered with the leading radiography manufacturers. The latest X-ray suites are designed with the performance, intelligence, and reliability to address existing imaging workflow challenges.

Enhance the experience of both patients and operators alike by upgrading to the latest in advanced X-ray room and mobile X-ray technology.

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Mobile X-ray

MULTI offers the latest in mobile X-ray technology to facilitate exceptional care at the patient bedside.

System advancements improve durability, versatility, and reliability in emergency departments, operating rooms, ICUs, NICUs, or wherever a portable x-ray is needed.

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Digital Radiography (DR Panels)

MULTI partners with best-in-class DR panel manufacturers. This gives you access to a broad range of patient and technologist centered variations suitable for any application.

We are standing by to start the conversation. Starting with an understanding of your needs, we’ll guide you toward the DR panel that provides the advantages you are looking for, within your budget.

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