Proactive Partnerships

Leverage our longstanding relationships with leading OEMs in order to simplify your access to new authentic parts.

A proactive partnership with MULTI allows you to enjoy: 

Group 459@2xOn-demand accurate pricing
Group 459@2xCurrent availability reporting
Group 459@2xConsumption forecasts
Group 459@2xClient-centered inventory & logistics planning
Group 459@2xVolume-based pricing

MULTI, INC. exists to provide access to authentic parts, service and technology through our OEM allegiant relationships.

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If you need to speak with a Californian, feel free to call us. We're in the office from 6:00 AM PST - 8:00 PM EST. Our procurement team is standing by.

Ask us about:

Group 459@2xCurrent Availability & Pricing
Group 459@2xShipping & Logistics
Group 459@2xProfessional Services
Group 459@2xCT Tube Installation

Path 7799@2x+1 (909)-591-6444

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